Mortgage Modifications

gavel and houseAnother service that we offer is obtaining mortgage modifications for our clients, who are struggling with their mortgage, those that are behind or those that have already been given a foreclosure notice.  You don’t have to be behind, but there has to be a legitimate hardship that will inevitably put you behind due to circumstances.  We have been working with all the top lenders for over 9 years and have a proven record. It is a very time consuming job and most people cannot complete this job successfully on their own.  When the lender tells you you can do this directly with them for free, you get a package of forms to fill out and that’s it.  You get no help in figuring out what should and should not be on the form.  These files get put on the bottom of the stack and eventually slip right between the cracks.  It is a rare occasion when a homeowner can get a mortgage modification on their own.

My fee is a flat fee, usually around one month’s mortgage payment.  We have over 45 years in the real estate and mortgage industry and charge just enough to cover our time and expenses. 

Don’t stick your head in the sand.  You may not be able to see the lender, but he can still see you (you know, the part that’s sticking up).  We call this the “ostrich syndrome”.  People lose their homes because (1) they can’t believe it could really happen to them, that’s called denial, and (2) they don’t know who to turn to for “real” help.

Make the call, it’s free and we can help you!

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